Reference Books
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         Reference Tools: Introduction

Reference tools (dictionaries, encyclopedias, etc.) are sources of information that provide
facts and figures in an easy-to-find format (alphabetical, topical, or chronological). Unlike
"regular" books, reference resources are not designed to be read from beginning to end.
They are designed to provide easy access to specific information so a person can quickly
find the answer to a question they have.
Reference tools provide:
Background information
Pointers to other sources of information (in their bibliographies)

Reference resources can be in many formats such as book, database, webpage,, etc.
Electronic reference resources such as
XREFER are becoming especially popular although
many people still find print versions easier to use.

Locating Reference Resources
The most current and popular reference resources are kept in the Reference Area on the
second floor of the Kendall Campus Library. We keep them there because they are used
so often by so many people. This is also the reason they can not be checked out like
regular books.