Reference Books

A reference librarian will have a brief interview with you so that he or
she will understand the research need that you have.
Typical questions for you would include:

What will be the topic of your paper?

What question are you trying to answer?

Just what kinds of materials do you need?
(books, articles?)

What is your assignment, and what course is it for?

Other reasons to visit the Reference/Information desk:

High use reference materials are kept here for in-house use

These high use materials are called “
Ready Reference”.

Reference Book Collection

The library has a collection of books for use in the library only.  These books
are located on the second floor in front and to the right of, the Reference

Most Reference books are used for fast consultation, to find information or
facts in a brief format.  Some of the more common types of book in
Reference are  Encyclopedias, Dictionaries, and Atlases.
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Reference/Information Desk
The  Reference/Information Desk provides just what the name says -information!
This second floor desk is located against the back wall,and is the best place in the
library to ask your questions, especiallyabout your research. There is always a librarian
on duty here when the library is open, and her/his job is to answer your questions and
help you find the resources you need. You can always consult a librarian when you
have an information need.
Help from the librarians is also available by phone.

           (305) 237-2077 or (305) 237-2292