Using the World Wide Web
To Use or Not to Use
"My instructor says I can't use Web sources for my paper. What can I do?"
Ask your instructor to clarify this, because there are really 'two Webs.' There is the public
that search engines find, and there's the "invisible Web," which contains special
web sources the library buys that only the Miami Dade College community can access and
use for research.
Go with the strengths of
the public Web:
There may be better places
to look than the public Web:
for very current information
such as news, sports scores,
weather, stock quotes
to find articles in scholarly
to use online job postings,
shopping, auctions, or travel
to find articles published in
popular magazines
to obtain information on
colleges, museums, non-profit
organizations, or companies
to search databases that index
articles in many academic
to research a well-known event
or individual
to locate the full text of articles
or books that are copyrighted
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