Using the World Wide Web
Remember these five points as you review a web site:
1. Accuracy
2. Currency
On what date was the page created? Has the site been updated
recently? Do links on the site still connect to their destination?
3. Authority
Who is the author? What expertise does s/he have on this topic? Who
sponsors the site? Check the domain name to see if it is a university,
business, organization, or an individual.
4. Objectivity
What is the stated purpose of the site? Check the "About..." link if there
is one. What position or opinion is presented and does it seem biased?
What kind of sites does this one link to?
5. Coverage
How well is the information covered?  Does the content have unique
value? Are there credible supporting links or sources cited?

Evaluating What You Find
Does the information presented seem accurate and free of grammatical
mistakes? Are the facts cited so they can be verified? Is it possible to
contact someone responsible for the website?