College Prep Math Lab
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During the hours of operation our staff will be available to give you the individualized attention needed to help you complete the course. Tutors are available at each of the semi-circular tables to answer math questions on a one-to-one basis. No appointments are necessary.


mathlab station

In order to reinforce class work and help you understand math concepts, we provide you with supplementary exercises, sample problems, and a variety of tutorial software. In addition, we offer internet access for the online portion for some of the courses mentioned.


You may review entire class lectures using videotapes available at the front desk. These can be viewed at home or in the lab. Tapes may be checked out overnight for home viewing.


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Need to work on your homework, but don’t have your textbook? Just bring your Photo ID to the front desk to check out the textbook you need to use while in the College-Prep Math Lab.



Anxious? Increase your confidence and reduce test anxiety by preparing for exams with our computerized multiple choice practice tests. (Available for MAT 0024 & MAT 1033)

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