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Welcome to the Home Page of the Student Life Skills Web site operated by the Social Science Department of the Kendall Campus of Miami-Dade College. Student Life Skills (SLS) courses help the Miami-Dade student succeed in college. Provided in this site are links to or information about our SLS Courses, including the Course Descriptions. We also provide Assessment Resources, Career Resources and Study Skills Resources on this web page.

Prof. Jacob Widdekind
SLS Coordinator/Faculty


Student Life Skills Course Descriptions

SLS1125 Student Support Seminar 3 credits

This three credit course is intended for students that have been placed on Academic Warning. It is designed to help students be more successful academically by focusing on performance in a learning environment. this will include social, cultural, psychological and academic aspects of the individual and the role they play in the learning environment. (3 hr. lecture)

SLS1505 College Survival Skills 1 credit

This one credit course is intended for students that place into one college preparatory course. It offers students an introduction to college life and self-discovery leading toward a successful career path. Also, it exposes students to methods and techniques for mastering learning skills. this course will have a mathematics module designated for students that place into a college preparatory mathematics or algebra course. (1 hr. lecture)

SLS1510 Preparing for Student Success 3 credits

This three credit course is designed to assist students in the development and achievement of their academic, vocational and personal goals. The course objectives are organized into four units: I Foundations for Success; II The Learning Environment; III Planning for Academic and Vocational Success and IV Understanding Mathematics for Classroom Success. Academic involvement is an integral part of this course and success is determined by attendance, participation, written assignments, tests and project presentations. (3 hr. lecture)


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