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Fitness and Wellness Center

Wolfson Campus Fitness and Wellness Center Course Lab

In a Class of Its Own

This 2,277-square-foot facility is equipped with a wide array of cardio and strength training equipment used for several three-credit Health and Wellness college courses. These courses are great electives and provide the student with a wealth of fitness and overall wellness information. To learn more about these courses contact:

  • The Wellness Center, 305-237-2838
  • Natural Sciences, Biology, Health and Wellness Department, 305-237-2136.
This class is appropriate for most students as the credits count towards the general education requirements. Essentially the students administer a battery of fitness test to themselves and their classmates. Our faculty and staff assist, and a rather extensive fitness analysis is generated for each student. Following the assessment, students are taught the principles of training and are given the opportunity to work on areas of weakness during a portion of the class time. A similar evaluation is made of their eating habits and food consumed. A nutritional analysis is done for each student before a major unit on practical nutrition is undertaken. This course will also provide students with proper instruction on testing and assessing on topics such as cardiovascular conditioning, strength training, flexibility, and diet management.

This class is similar to HLP 1081 except it does not go into such depth. The course enables students to assess their present fitness levels.

From the data collected, the student will be able to set personal wellness goals. Lectures, demonstrations and multi-media materials will be used to provide the information. Students will participate in fitness and wellness activities in class. In addition, this course is designed to provide the basic knowledge of health analysis and improvement. It is designed for those students looking to design their own fitness program.

This course is designed for students to develop an understanding of the role of exercise and nutrition as it applies to the implementation of a weight management plan.

Designed to provide opportunities to develop, practice, and display skills concerning emergency care and the prevention of accidents. This course meets the American Heart Association certification requirements for Standard First Aid and Personal Safety and Basic Life Saving Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation. Special fee. 3 hr. lecture