Miami Dade College Kendall Campus

Fitness and Wellness Center

Bertha Gonzalez

I would like to take this time to thank you and your wellness staff as a SharkFit Active participant for experiencing benefits above and beyond its 8-week structured program. It was a great way to reignite fitness goals and participate in a fun team competition. The pre-assessment was a reflection of my health prior to getting started. Your MDC wellness staff was always welcoming, energetic and willing to offer their expertise. I noticed the workout routine assigned to me slowly improving my endurance. As part of the process, I enjoyed Zumba, Pilates, Power Yoga, Boxing Fitness, Kickboxing and specialized muscle-toning classes with your dedicated staff supporting our efforts. Your health fair and wellness speakers offered information and nutritional guidance. Afterwards, it encouraged me to make healthier food choices.


Thru this program, I’ve reaffirmed the connection between mind, body and soul for optimum health and wellness. I was always motivated towards the path to post-assessment to see proof of my progress. My results were small, yet significant. I was able to lose a little bit of weight, lower some body fat and gain some muscle. My sleeping habits also improved along with an overall sense of wellness, which provided extra energy and vitality. Most importantly, I am doing something to improve the chances against health conditions that already exist in my family, such as high-blood pressure.


But, beyond SharkFit, this program is designed to provide the tools needed to keep the momentum going. After this experience at the wellness center, health improvements, knowledge and support, I am looking forward to continuing the journey.


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