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Fitness and Wellness Center

Sharkfit training staff pose for a picture under a tree

How it Works

The SharkFIT Active Program is a complimentary fitness incentive program available to all members of the Fitness and Wellness centers. The training program is designed by fitness coaches and trainers. The program includes pre-assessment, post-assessment, and 8 weeks of exercise prescriptions tailored for weight-loss or muscle-gain performance goals. Individuals that complete the program are recognized during the once-a-year SharkFit Active Awards Ceremony. This cross-training incentive program rewards participants with a number of points after completion of the exercise session. Top winners are announced on a weekly basis and at the conclusion of the competition.

In addition to proper nutrition and effective stress relief, exercise is a major component of a healthy lifestyle. Regular, consistent workouts offer health benefits, including a firmer, trimmer appearance, assistance in weight loss, tension-relief, and increased cardiovascular endurance and stamina.

How to Sign Up

The SharkFit program is offered twice during the school year, during the second week of every fall and spring semester. You can sign up at the Fitness and Wellness counter with your valid, current gym membership.


This program is exclusively provided to our MDC Kendall Campus, Fitness and Wellness Center Members. It is intended to provide a friendly competition to encourage team collaboration, unity, support and motivation towards completion of goals, success and commitment of a healthy lifestyle.

Your results will be rewarded on conclusion of the program period. We appreciate your honesty, positive team work and resect towards other members and teams. You may receive credit for doing any of the following activities by showing proof of day and time of activity via any means, such as social media posts, e-mails, pictures, etc.:

  • Veteran winners are not to pair up
  • Pre and Post assessments are only to be conducted by the Wellness Center personnel
  • No outside assessment tool protocol will be allowed
  • Workout must be followed as assigned for points
  • Workout routines must be accompanied with workouts at all times
  • A maximum of 2 exercise classes per day
  • Signing in or reporting for another person is not permitted, and will terminated from further participating in the program
A small group of Sharkfit trainers pose for a picture at a park
Shark Fit Active Rules
  • Point tracking is based on the participants reporting their completed workout. Once you sign up for participation, your name is added to an 8-week template. It is important that you report completion of each workout.
  • Inform the desk worker when you have completed a workout. Only workouts that show proof will be valid.
  • Workouts need to be completed at least once a week. Participant elimination will occur If there are no entries for 2 weeks consecutively.

Successful completion of the program entails a minimum of 1 workout per week. Top points will be awarded in first- to thrid-place participants. Winners will be recognized with prizes and will be featured in photo opportunities and Web site and Facebook posts.