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The College Student Learning Outcomes Roundtable Discussions are a key venue to strengthening a sustainable culture of inquiry and assessment. Former LOCC and LOAT Chairs are invited to provide feedback to college student learning outcomes process. These roundtable discussions are a platform for LOCC and LOAT to provide preliminary updates of their efforts and for former chairs to provide feedback and advice.

This academic year roundtable discussions are scheduled for December 2, 2016 and April 21, 2017.

Former LOCC and LOAT Chairs

Miriam Frances Abety
Jose Aragon
Jaime Bestard
Jose Donis
Sarah Garman

Elena Perez-Mirabal
Leon Palombo
Isabel Rodriguez-Dehmer
Marina Rodriguez
Virginia Puckett
Matthew Schuh

Learning Outcomes Coordinating Council


Learning Outcomes Assessment Team


Roundtable Discussions

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