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Learning Outcomes
Coordinating Council (LOCC)


The Learning Outcomes Coordinating Council is charged by the Provost for Academic and Student Affairs with analyzing the consistency throughout the curriculum, outcomes, and assessments. The Provost for Academic and Student Affairs will annually appoint the council members based on recommendations from the Student Deans Council, the Academic Leadership Council, and endorsement of their respective campus presidents. The Council's responsibilities are:

  • Provide recommendations based on a decanal review (to coincide with the SACS Accreditation process) of the learning outcomes and assessment results to the Student Deans Council and the Academic Leadership Council.
  • Provide annual ongoing review of the learning outcomes assessment results and based on this review provide recommendations to the Student Deans Council and the Academic Leadership Council regarding the strengths and opportunities for improvement pertaining to MDC graduates attaining the learning outcomes.
  • Review annual reports from the Learning Outcomes Assessment Team (appointed by the Provost for Academic and Student Affairs). The Learning Outcomes Assessment Team creates assessment tasks, scoring rubrics, and assesses learning outcomes tasks using the scoring rubrics.
  • Provide reports to the Schools and Disciplines as needed.

Learning Outcomes Coordinating
Council Membership 2014-2015

Please check back soon for Learning Outcome Coordinating Council Membership updates.



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Learning Outcomes Coordinating Council


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