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The Collegewide Student Learning Outcomes Assessment measures potential graduates' attainment of the Ten Learning Outcomes. Assessment tasks are designed by faculty and the results are considered only in aggregate form.

These results complement other indirect measures (student engagement and alumni surveys, success and retention studies) that contribute to our overall understanding of student learning.



Task 1: Oil Drilling in Biscayne Bay Asks the student to review information about oil extraction in the local environment and respond to three prompts about the proposed drilling for oil.
Task 2: Analysis of International Energy Usage and Carbon Dioxide Generation Asks the student to read and interpret four charts concerning international energy consumption and its effect on the environment. Students also respond to prompts about the impact of this consumption on the environment.
Task 3: Charitable Contributions & Social responsibility Asks the student to prepare and give an oral response to an ethical dilemma. Students also engage in intergroup discussion about their decisions.
Task 4: Creative Expression: An Exercise in Analysis Asks the student to respond to three prompts about the creativity, beauty, and cultural perspective of a work from architecture, literature, fine art, dance, drama, or music.
Task 5: Keywords, Database, & Plagiarism Asks the students to respond to brief scenarios where the student determines what information is needed and evaluates information and its sources.
Task 6: Computer Skills Placement Test Asks the student to complete performance-based simulations and multiple choice questions taken online in a computer testing lab. Areas covered include: Basic Concepts of Information technology, File Management, Word Processing (Word), Spreadsheets (Excel), Databases (Access), Presentations (PowerPoint), Information and Communication.
Task 7: The Global Citizen Asks the student to propose an idea for a documentary about a pressing global issue and its social, political, and/or economic impact. Students must find and cite credible sources.
Task 8: The Aesthetic Experience at Miami Dade College Asks the student to respond to a survey of what types of aesthetic experiences they have partaken while a student at MDC. Students must also write an essay about one of their most memorable aesthetic experiences at MDC.
Task 9: Stem Cell Research:Science, Ethics, and Public Policy Asks the student to read and respond to two prompts about the use of Stem Cell in research and application of it in the society. Students must also identify ethical issues and take a position in regards to the use of Stem Cell.
Task 10: The Global Impact of the AIDS. Is there Social Responsibility? Asks the student to watch a short excerpt about the impact of the AIDS in South Africa and respond to three prompts about their perspective in this issue . Students must identify strategies to respond to the impact of this topic.
Task 11: Cash for grades: Does it Cheapen Education or Offer Motivation? Asks the student to read and listen information about the concept of Cash for grades and write a letter to the editor. Students must review and use resources offered in order to support their position.
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