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Awards and Recognitions

MDC's Awards and Recognitions

1/5/2011 — CHEA Award 2011

2/22/2010 — College Board Innovation Award 2010

5/22/2009 — LEAP Forum 2009

9/17/2008 — Association for General and Liberal Studies, Exemplary Award for Improving General Education, 2008

10/19/2007 — Covenant Signing

MDC in the National News

Learning Outcomes Assessment in Community Colleges

How Assessment Works at One Community College

Defining College Success

Great Expectations

Celebrating Outcomes and Cultivating Assessments

Outcomes Assessment: No Gain, All Pain

Miami Dade Evaluates Courses for 10 Key Skills

Getting the Government´s Attention (in a Good Way)

One of the NationĀ“s Largest Colleges Is Re-Examining Its Entire Curriculum

Reassessing Assessment Tests

President's Message


Snapshot of LOCC Meeting held on November 9, 2012


Learning Outcomes Awards and Recognitions



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