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The 10 Learning Outcomes

Dr. Eduardo J. Padron, Ph.D.

At Miami Dade College, we share a passionate commitment to providing an excellent education for our students, their families, and our community. To do so, we are engaged in a continuous cycle of learning excellence.

In 2005, Miami Dade College broke new ground in higher education by establishing 10 overarching student Learning Outcomes and innovative assessments - which are now celebrated as a national model. The College-wide initiative includes intentional student outcome learning and assessment in each of our educational programs. We will consistently determine the level of College-wide and educational program outcome learning by assessing the over-all performance of our prospective graduates. Based on a full review of those findings, we will strengthen our courses, disciplines, and programs.

True excellence comes from the ceaseless effort to assure continual improvement. Nothing is more important to our work at Miami Dade College than providing the excellent education that ensures the long-term success of our graduates.

Dr. Eduardo J. Padron

President's Message


Snapshot of LOCC Meeting held on November 9, 2012


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