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Student Services at Miami Dade College is highly committed to the College´s Student Learning Outcomes and Assessment (SLO) initiative. While Student Services supports each of the SLOs through its service area and co-curricular programming, the Division as a whole focuses its student learning programs and special initiatives on SLO #4, "to formulate strategies to locate, evaluate, and apply information".

All Student Service areas, after a thorough self-assessment, concluded that their service area´s mission directly supports SLO #4 and that the services and student success programs of the respective areas contribute to student learning in Outcome #4.

Additionally, each Student Service area has selected a second SLO on which to focus; this SLO varies by service area. For instance, Advisement & Career Services has selected to focus on SLO #1, "Communication", in addition to Outcome #4; Student Life has selected SLO #6 as they feel their mission directly supports learning in this area. Each service area will include information on their SLO initiatives of focus in their annual Service Area Report. Student Services continues to be an active partner with the faculty in reinforcing and promoting learning in the College´s 10 SLOs.

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