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1.  Kendall Campus Learning Resources (located in Building 2) is here to support your academic and informational needs. Which of the following most accurately describes the departments that are included in Learning Resources?

a. Library and Computer Courtyard
b. Library, Computer Courtyard, and Student Support Lab
c. Library, Computer Courtyard, and Academic Writing Support Lab
d. Library, Computer Courtyard, Student Support Lab, and Academic Writing Support Lab

2.  To ask for help with researching a topic, the area of the library you would call or visit is:

a. Special Collections
b. Circulation
c. Reference
d. Periodicals

To find out what books and DVDs you can borrow from the Kendall Campus Library, you would use:

a. The Academic Search Complete database
b. The Opposing Viewpoints in Context database
c. The Library Catalog

4.  Some instructors place copies of course textbooks in the ________ area of the library so that students can scan or photocopy needed pages.

a. Reserve
b. Archive
c. Repository
d. Warehouse

Which of the following is NOT an example of a periodical?

a. Magazine
b. Book
c. Scholarly journal
d. Newspaper

Which of the following statements is FALSE?

Library databases provide access to information that is not freely available on the internet
Library databases only contain articles written by librarians
Some library databases focus on specific subject areas, such as literature or education
Some library databases contain videos


7.  Your PIN for logging into the library databases is:

a. The last 4 digits of your social security number
b. The first 4 characters of your MyMDC password
c. The last 4 digits of your MDC ID number
d. Your month and year of birth

8.  Which database is most likely to contain newspaper articles on the sinking of the Titanic?

a. Book Review Digest Plus
b. Art Full Text
c. New York Times Historical
d. Films on Demand

9.  Which database is most likely to contain articles that discuss the pros and cons of a controversial issue such as gun control or genetic engineering?

a. Biography in Context
b. Opposing Viewpoints in Context
c. Book Review Digest Plus
d. Literary Reference Center

Which of the following is typically NOT found in a scholarly journal?

a. Advertisements
b. Research studies
Footnotes and bibliographies
d. Charts and graphs

Which publication is most likely to contain a research study on the use of steroids in the treatment of sports related injuries?

a. Sports Illustrated Magazine
b. Entertainment Weekly
c. The Miami Herald
The American Journal of Sports Medicine

You are researching the use of performance enhancing drugs among athletes. Which search statement is most likely to retrieve the most relevant articles?

a. Relevant articles and athletes
b. Steroids and sports
c. Drugs and research
d. Physical fitness and baseball

You are searching for articles on the relationship between auto emissions and global warming. You typed relationship between auto emissions and global warming into the Academic OneFile database but retrieved zero results.

Which is the best way to revise your search statement?

a. Remove the word global
Add the words articles on
Remove the words relationship between
Add the words searching for

Which search statement is most likely to retrieve the FEWEST results?

a. Art
b. Modern art
c. Modern art AND design
d. Modern art AND design AND Miami

Below is a reference to an article found in a library database. What kind of publication does this article come from?

Beenstock, Michael, et al. “Polynomial Cointegration Tests of Anthropogenic Impact on Global Warming.” Earth System Dynamics, vol. 3, no. 2, 2012, pp. 173-188.

a. Magazine
b. Scholarly journal
c. Newspaper
d. Novel

16.  Below is a reference to an article found in a library database. Matt Blackett is the _______ of this article.


Blackett, Matt. "Mike Einziger." Guitar Player, vol. 41, no. 5, 2007, pp. 58-60.

a. Author
b. Title
c. Subject
d. Publisher

Below is a reference to an article found in a library database. Taylor Swift is the _______ of this article.

Light, Alan. "Taylor Swift: Woman of the Year." Billboard, 13 Dec. 2014, pp. 64-74.

a. Author
b. Subject
c. Publisher
d. Reviewer

Below is a reference to an article found in a library database. Rolling Stone is the _______ of this article.

Leight, Elias. "Latin Music's New Wave." Rolling Stone, no. 1313/1314, 17 May 2018, p. 16.

a. Author
b. Title
c. Subject
d. Source

19.  Using your own words to explain someone else's idea is called:

a. Proofreading
b. Paraphrasing
c. Peer review
d. Publishing

20.  Why is it necessary to cite the sources of information you’ve used for your research paper?

a. To give credit to the authors/creators of the sources
b. To avoid committing plagiarism
c. To enable your teacher to evaluate the sources you’ve used
d. All of the above