Library Research Assignment

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1.  If you need help finding books or articles on your research paper topic, the best place to call or visit is:

a. The Writing Center
b. The Library Reference Desk
c. The Computer Courtyard
d. The Tutoring Lab

2.  It is possible for Miami Dade College students to gain access to library databases using a home computer.

a. True
b. False

3.  Your PIN for logging into the library databases is:

a. The last 4 digits of your social security number
b. The last 4 digits of your MDC ID number
c. The first 4 characters of your MyMDC password
d. Your month and year of birth

4.  This is a call number for a book about Martin Luther King, Jr. What do the last four digits of the call number signify?

E185.61 .B7914 1988

a. The year the author of the book was born
b. The year Martin Luther King, Jr. was born
c. The year the book was added to the library collection
d. The year the book was published

5.  To find out what books you can borrow from the Kendall Campus Library, you would use:

a. A periodical index
b. The Opposing Viewpoints in Context database
c. Basic Catalog Search

6.  To find magazine articles on your research paper topic, you would use:

a. A library database
b. An encyclopedia
c. YouTube
d. The Miami Herald

7.  Which of the following is NOT an example of a periodical?

a. Book
b. Magazine
c. Scholarly journal
d. Newspaper

8.  Why is the Wikipedia often considered an inadequate source of information for a college research paper?

a. It didn’t exist before the year 2000
b. it’s a free resource – you don’t have to pay to use it
c. Some of its authors are not experts on the topics they’re writing about
d. Some of its authors have not gone to college

9.  Which of the following is typically NOT found in a scholarly journal?

a. Advertisements
b. Research studies
c. Footnotes and bibliographies
d. Charts and graphs

10.  Which source would most likely provide you with unbiased information on this topic?

The effects of offshore oil drilling on marine wildlife

a. A personal interview with an influential politician
b. A website that advocates wildlife conservation
c. The latest annual report from a major oil company
d. A research study published in a scholarly journal

11.  Which database is most likely to contain articles on this topic?

The sinking of the Titanic

a. Book Review Digest Plus
b. New York Times Historical
c. Art Full Text
d. Films on Demand

12.  Which database is most likely to contain articles that discuss the pros and cons of a controversial issue such as gun control or genetic engineering?

a. Biography in Context
b. Opposing Viewpoints in Context
c. Book Review Digest Plus
d. Literary Reference Center

13.  You are searching in a library database for articles on the ethical issues related to the use of performance enhancing drugs among athletes.  Which of the following search statements is most likely to retrieve the most relevant articles?

a. Relevant articles and athletes
b. Steroids and sports
c. Lance Armstrong and sports medicine
d. Physical fitness and baseball

14.  You are searching for articles on the relationship between auto emissions and global warming.  You typed the following search statement into the Academic OneFile database but retrieved no results. 

Which of the following is the best way to revise your search?

a. Change auto to automatic transmission
b. Add the word articles
c. Remove the word global
d. Remove the words relationship between

15.  Below is a citation of an article on global warming.  What kind of publication does this article come from?

Beenstock, Michael, et al. “Polynomial Cointegration Tests of Anthropogenic
     Impact on Global Warming.” Earth System Dynamics 3.2 (2012): 173-188.

a. Magazine
b. Scholarly journal
c. Newspaper
d. Novel

16.  Which of the following publications is most likely to contain a research study on this topic?

The health benefits of a vegetarian diet

a. Cooking Light Magazine
b. Entertainment Weekly
c. The Miami Herald
d. American Journal of Clinical Nutrition

Shown below is a description of an article from the Academic Search Complete database.  Use this example to answer questions 17 through 19.


17.  The title of this article is:

a. Industrial Strength
b. Body piercing
c. Musical Groups and Artists
d. Abstract

18.  The author of this article is:

a. Al Jourgensen
b. Ministry (Performer)
c. Andy Langer
d. Musicians

19.  The source of this article is

a. Document Type
b. Texas Monthly
c. NAICS/Industry
d. People Magazine

20.  Why is it necessary to cite the sources of information you’ve used for your research paper?

a. To give credit to the authors/creators of the sources
b. To avoid committing plagiarism
c. To enable your teacher to evaluate the sources you’ve used
d. All of the above