Volume 2, Number 6 - NOV. 8, 2011

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Rafael Tur
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GOP Candidates And Their Policies

By Rafael Tur

Rick Santorum

Santorum’s first act as president would be to repeal ObamaCare. He is a textbook Republican with pro-gun, pro-business, anti-amnesty, and anti-abortion policies. With a year of campaigning left to go, Santorum’s talk about family values puts him under fire for anti-gay rhetoric. Rick wouldn’t even split the vote unless he picks up some momentum to keep up with the front runners.

Ron Paul

A Texas congressman and 100% wood carved Republican. Paul as president would mean the apocalypse for the Democrats. He’s been preaching about auditing the Federal Reserve and ending the war on drugs. As he explains at every GOP debate, and in random fits in his sleep, Paul wants to tax foreign goods, cut loads of government spending and shrink the federal government to the size of a Radio Shack.

Herman Cain

The only candidate without political experience, Cain is a highly-educated American businessman. His 9-9-9 plan is nothing short of complete tax-reform, and he plans to slowly break Americans away from entitlement programs like Social Security. Cain is the wildcard in this campaign trail, and with a bit more than a year left his main focus is the future creation of jobs. His lack of political experience only helps him look more like a man of the people.

Michele Bachmann

Bachmann is a Tea-Party congresswoman from Minnesota. Although she was raised as a Democrat, she founded the house Tea-Party caucus in July 2010. She is dedicated to shrinking the federal government back to its constitutional confines. The media apparently hates conservative women and Bachmann is no exception. She’ll have to outshine the media and her contenders to stay in the race.

Jon Huntsman

The former governor of Utah, where he implemented a flat-tax, Huntsman is a Demogorgon Republican with mixed social views. Politically Huntsman is more compassionate than conservative, and he will not appeal to rich Americans, but nonetheless he believes himself presidential material.

Newt Gingrich

Newt is among the most prominent of the GOP presidential candidates. He was speaker of the house in 1995 after the “Republican Revolution” in 1994, where Gingrich co-authored the Republicans’ Contract with America. Newt is a firm believer in Reaganomics, the equivalent of Satanism to Obama Democrats.

Rick Perry

Texas Republican Rick Perry doesn’t let his Republican presidential predecessors shadow his presence. Perry calls everybody brother, and despite his cowboy attitude and the wide-open southern border to Mexico, Perry’s state is responsible for 40% of new jobs in the country in the last four years. This will count heavily with Republican voters looking for a future president with a focus on jobs and a track record to prove it.

Mitt Romney

The top-tier candidate of the bunch and the accidental architect of ObamaCare, Romney’s “RomneyCare for Massachusetts” was the framework for Obama’s “ObamaCare.” Romney defends his insurance, claiming it was specialized for Massachusetts while mirroring every Republican’s initiative to immediately stop funding ObamaCare before sun-down on inauguration day.

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