Volume 3, Number 13 - April 8, 2013

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COURTESY OF 2K GAMES Explosive: Bioshock Infinite is an an excellent first-person shooter entry to the Bioshock franchise.

New Bioshock Is A Breathtaking Addition To The Franchise

By Patricia Suiter

After years of delays and anticipation, you are thrown back into the surreal and distorted world of Bioshock Infinite.

The game begins at that memorable lighthouse in the sea, but this time the path leads you up into the tower and carries you to the city in the sky.

Instead of the familiar underwater city, it’s the fantastical city of Columbia, a floating city in the sky frozen in almost a dreamlike fashion. The hovering buildings resemble ships and the clouds take after the foamy waves of the ocean, creating an attractive environment to explore. There is plenty of eye candy throughout the city and cinematic scenes that will leave you captivated.

Though just like the previous games, the beautiful city is not a happy wonderland. As more of Columbia is revealed, its people begin to show their wickedness. There are rewards for thoroughly exploring and discoveries greatly develop the story.

Booker T. Dewitt is the main character with an undisclosed past.

His mission: get the girl and wipe away the debt. Unlike the previous mute protagonists, Booker has a plainspoken personality and his character continuously develops throughout the game.

The goal is to find Elizabeth, a smart and beautiful girl locked in a tower. She seems almost untouched by the cruel city, but she has plenty of tricks and amazements within her where she’ll pick door locks or open tears into alternate realities.

The combat was slightly irritating at first, now only being able to use two weapons and have two powers equipped at once. However, Elizabeth made sure to keep Booker with a steady supply of health, salt, money, and ammo to build a strong bond between them.

The constant introduction of new weapons and plasmids kept it fun and stimulating, making sure the players feel the advancement within the game.

However, it left out many of the classic mechanics such as hacking mini-games and mini-maps.

It did include some improvements such as objective arrows and execution kills. Nonetheless there were plenty of ambushes and boss battles to constantly test your trigger finger.

One of the best additions was the skyline, where Booker can zip and fly around on magnetized expressways. The use of the skyline was amazing to escape a heated battle in a pinch or to initiate close combat.

Bioshock was never short of twists and surprises, and as the game progresses it creates more questions than answers that build up to a truly unforgettable ending. Definitely a must-play in the series, it’s a great addition to any video game collection.

Bioshock Infiniter—2K games—single player—first person shooter—Microsoft Windows, PS3, XBox 360, OS X

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