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About CCIP

Flag for India

Country: India
Capital City: New Delhi
President (or King): Prathiba tai patil
Prime minister: Manmohan singh
Type of Government: Democratic
Population: 1,210,193,422
National Language: Hindi , urdu
6 Famous Places: Taj mahal, Gateway of india, Elora caves, India Gate, Kutub Minar, Char Minar
Day of Independence: August 15, 1947
Republic day: January 26, 1950
Traditional Food: biriyani, chapatti, roti...
Popular Sports: cricket hockey
Favorite Music: Sufi and Indian folk music

Ana C.

Syed Jafar Sadiq

My name is Syed Jafar Sadiq and I grew up in Aurangabad Maharashtra, India. I was born in Hyderabad, India. In my family and apart from my parents, I have two sisters, who have supported me throughout my life. I am currently studying Business Management at Miami Dade College through the Community College Initiative Program in an effort to know more about the USA and about Business Management.

At the age of 15, I began to realize the importance of education and by the time I was 19, I worked for a small company as a sales associate. Later, I grew professionally with my studies and worked simultaneously. I was always very entrusted and energetic. I have completed my studies from JNEC Javahar Lal Nehru Engineering College in Aurangabad, which is a reputable educational institution.

By the year 2016, I hope to start my own company. The outlook for my future is a good one, due to my family and education. I can see myself becoming more versed in compliance services and in the future, possibly starting a related company. I see my future as being a top quality manager in a position of importance, involving critical decision-making that will drive a company to the competitive edge to win.

My hobbies are cooking, photography and traveling. I hope to travel possibly one day to the Cayman Islands. I believe that my future is contingent upon my hard work. To this point in my life, I have worked hard to achieve my educational goals and am grateful for being a part of the CCI Program here in Miami.

Ana C.

Jeevan Thanuku

My name is Jeevan Thanuku, and I am from India. Originally my home town is Karimnagar. It is part of Andhra Pradesh, one of the states in India. I completed high school and college in my home town. I have a lovely family with one sister. My father, a businessman, has rice mills and exports rice. I plan to do the same. By observing my father since childhood, I became strongly influenced to become a businessman. After completion of my education, I worked as a sales manager in a company.

My dream is to become a successful entrepreneur and also I want to serve the people in my community. After completion of the CCIP program, I want to establish my own manufacturing company with the help of my family and friends. In the less span of time, I want to make it the best company in my state.

Ana C.

Hasim Sabugar

I was born on a warm Sunday. The day I was born was very special to everyone, because it was on February 29th during a leap year. I celebrate my birthday every 4 years, which makes me feel unique and special. I was born in the Himatnagar City of Gujarat, India. I belong to a Muslim family and am the second oldest son of my father. I have 2 younger brothers and an elder sister.

I am a young entrepreneur in the city of Gujarat. I completed school with humanity subjects and went for commerce in secondary school. After completing school, I went on to college to earn a Bachelor in Commerce.

During the beginning of my second year in college, I decided to jump into my family´s business of logistic transportation. In addition, I started studying as an x student. At the age of just 18, I was successfully running my business. When I got a chance to study in the U.S.A with the CCI Program scholarship, I also got a chance to become more challengeable towards my goals.

As far as my personality is concerned, I am friendly with everyone, good natured, and an extrovert. I love to play cricket, listen to songs, hang out with friends, and make new friends.

My aim in life is to become a successful business man and that´s why I pursued my academic study in the field of business here at Miami Dade College.

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