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Country: Republic of Indonesia
Capital City: Jakarta
President: President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono
Type of Government: Presidential
Population: 237,556,363
National Language: Indonesian
6 Famous Places: Bali Island, Borobudur Temple, Bunaken, Lake Toba, Istiqlal
Mosque, Bromo Mountain
Day of Independence: August 17, 1945
Traditional Food: Tumpeng, Sambal Terasi, Nasi Pecel, Gado - Gado, Rujak, Sate, Rendang, Soto
Popular Sports: Football, Badminton, Basketball, Volley, Pencak Silat
Favorite Music: Pop, Dangdut, Campursari

Abdul S.

Ellen Evasari

My name is Ellen Evasari, and I am from Indonesia. I am here thanks to the Fulbright scholarship of the Community College Initiative Program to develop my professional skills at Miami Dade College. My career focus is in Public Relations, especially on Branding, Social Media, and New Project in international business settings of entertainment, hospitality, or food and beverage. I enjoy reading books, watching TV series, and listening to music. My recent favorites are author Nora Roberts, Criminal Minds series, and Korean songs. I am heavily interested in festivals, languages, traveling, food, and historical romance. I am currently engaged as PR & Promotion Assistant of the Wellness Center at the Wolfson Campus, as a member of Phi Beta Lambda and of Strong Woman Strong Girls, as an active volunteer in the Confucius Institute, and as an intern in the Miami Book Fair International.

Abdul S.

Nurliss Arima

My name is Nurliss Arima, but people mostly call me "Ayi." I was born and raised in Jakarta, the capital city of Indonesia. Jakarta is located on the Java Island among the most well known islands of Sumatera, Kalimantan, Sulawesi, Bali, Maluku and Papua. Jakarta’s cultural richness and dynamic growth contribute significantly to its role as one of the world´s leading capital cities. It´s a place not only for business and government administration, but also for leisure for shoppers. The city offers upscale boutiques with brand names and spicy cuisine or fine dining at local and international restaurants. Like any other culture in Indonesia, the people are generally friendly and polite. The people themselves still uphold their basic culture, especially the religion, which is predominantly muslim.

I come from a big family of five children. As a hard worker and independent woman, I always try to make the best out of what life gives me and look forward to face the challenges of life in a positive manner. I have finished my Bachelor degree in Geography–Mathematic and Science Faculty at University of Indonesia. Although I chose a different field of work from my educational background, which was in business, I don't regret it at all. In fact, I now have the opportunity to study at Miami Dade College, where I am majoring in International Business and am thriving in a position that ends up with both several professional and personal achievements.

Abdul S.

Abdul Sazali

Abdul Sazali is my name, yet I preferred to be called, "Muti". I am a native of Indonesia, the biggest archipelago country in the world with thousands of islands, tribes, and languages. During the summer, I celebrated my first birthday in the U.S. I pursued my Bachelor in Education from Bandung State Islamic University in 2009. I started working as a Languages Program Director Assistant at the biggest community college in Indonesia and continued working as a teacher, marketing staff, and book author.

This CCIP scholarship is my fourth scholarship, since I graduated from Senior High School and my second scholarship funded by the U.S. Department of State. My first American scholarship “IELSP” was in 2008, in which I had a chance to study intensive English and American culture at Ohio University for a semester. Studying Business at Miami Dade College under the CCIP scholarship is an extraordinary opportunity to increase my educational experience, as well as to better my life and career.

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