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About CCIP

Flag for Turkey

Country: Republic of TURKEY
Capital City: ANKARA
President: Abdullah GUL
Prime Minister: Recep Tayyip ERDOGAN
Type of Government: Democratic
Population: 76,5 millions
National Language: Turkish
Famous Places: Basilica Cistern, Manavgat and Duden Falls, Pamukkale, Literally Dead Sea, Mountain of Uludag, Ephesus, Aspendos
Day of Independence: October 29, 1923
Traditional Foods: Kebap, Yogurt, Mantı, Sarma, Trukish coffee, Baklava, Kadayıf
Popular Sports: Football (Soccer), Volleyball, Basketball
Favourite Music: Pop, Rock, House and Folk music

Ana C.

Esra Celik

My name is Esra Çelik and am the youngest child in my family. I am from Turkey, which is located between Europe and Asia. I graduated from Sakarya University with a degree in Business Management. I came to Miami on June 28, 2011 after winning a Fulbright Scholarship: The Community College Initiative Program at Miami Dade College. I am studying business at MDC for one year and am interested in import\export and human resources. Before that I was an intern at Uzmar Shipyard in Turkey. I am pleased to be here because I have lots of opportunity to know different cultures and meet new friends.

Ana C.

Irem Ceren Kul

My name is Irem Ceren Kul. I am the oldest child in my family of two girls. I was born in 1989 in Turkey. The country is located between Asia and Europe. I graduated from Sakarya University and my department was International Trade. I am interested in import/export, marketing and public relations. I got a Fulbright scholarship to study Business at Miami Dade College for the 2011/2012 academic year. After this program, I want to work at a company that is related to international trade and gain more skills. Also, I want to establish my own business.

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