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Confucius Institute

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Director´s Message

Welcome to the Confucius Institute at Miami Dade College! Miami’s portal to educational, professional and community enhancement opportunities through Chinese language and culture — locally and abroad.

Our Institute prides itself in one thorough and full–hearted commitment: to make China and its burgeoning opportunities vividly prominent and readily accessible in South Florida. We understand that China is not only very far geographically but that other factors such as cultural and language barriers can make of this country and all it offers, a luxury to reach. These very same constraints can impoverish the educational, cultural and commercial horizons of the community as a whole. We at the Confucius Institute do not want South Florida to downsize its global reach. Much less to miss learning and partnership opportunities that would result in a richer cultural landscape, business expansions, and the generation of an internationally educated workforce.

It is precisely because we understand just how difficult it is to have an international reach that we exist. To lift those barriers for you and to bring you the very best opportunities to connect with China. Thanks to generous funding endowments and our partnership with highly influential organizations, both in China and the USA, we are a unique resource center to the community. Our educational programs possess innovative Chinese language and culture instructional methods. Our training offerings empower local educators and the business community through professional development opportunities. And our cultural entertainment initiatives bring—on a free—admission basis for the public–world–class performance artists from China directly to the heart of Downtown Miami and the rest of South Florida.

As the only Confucius Institute in the Greater Miami area, we strive for far–reaching community impact and our achievements to date are a testament to that commitment. Our partnership with Miami Dade College, the largest and most diverse college in the nation, is making the gift of an international education possible for hundreds of traditionally underserved students. Effective removal of cultural and communication barriers, via classes and training offerings, is empowering local businesses and organizations to expand their global reach. And our city–wide cultural events, achieved through partnership with major cultural organizations such as the Miami International Film Festival, are enriching the social fabric and making of Miami a truly international metropolis.

Whether you are an individual or an organization, top–notch enrichment services and professional development opportunities await you at the Confucius Institute. Our unique role as a two–way bridge between people, opportunities and industries in South Florida and China positions us best to help you reach your goals. Whatever their kind or scope. Come visit us at our main office at Miami Dade College Wolfson Campus, and we’ll start a growth journey together. One where you´ll set the direction and we open the doors of opportunity. We can’t wait to serve you!

Xuejun (Jim) Yu
Director, Confucius Institute at Miami Dade College