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Confucius Institute

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Confucius Institute´s contributions to Miami Dade College´s Learning Outcomes

To see the specific ways in which the Confucius Institute helps Miami Dade College achieve its stated student–learning objectives, please see our description below and visit our link.

MDC’s Learning Outcome

Confucius Institute’s Contributions

Communication: Communicate effectively using listening, speaking,reading and writing skills.

Chinese language courses, workshops, continuing education culture and language courses, Chinese–language private tutoring by CI faculty

Creative/Critical Thinking: Solve problems using critical and creative thinking.

Chinese language and culture classes, conferences, workshops, lectures, Chinese language proficiency tests

Information Literacy: Formulate strategies to locate, evaluate and apply information.

Teacher training workshops, business workshops, seminars and conferences, delegation and student exchange-programs

Global, Cultural and Historical Perspectives: Demonstrate knowledge of diverse cultures, including global and historical perspectives.

Chinese language and culture classes, lectures, teacher–training workshops, business conferences, study–abroad opportunities, delegation and student exchange–programs

Aesthetic Appreciation: Demonstrate an appreciation for aesthetics and creative activities.

Performing arts events, art lectures, tai–chi and calligraphy courses, Chinese Culture Club functions and activities

For the full description of Miami Dade College´s learning outcomes, please visit this link.