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Chinese Language Proficiency Tests

The Confucius Institute offers two official tests to certify a student’s demonstrated proficiency level in the Chinese language. These are the Youth Chinese Test (YCT)–for elementary and secondary school students–the Chinese Proficiency Test (HSK)–for any non–native Chinese speaker.

Outstanding performance on either of these tests provides candidates with a Hanban–issued certificate that facilitates their admission to graduate studies and the pursuit of career and international business opportunities in China.

Additional benefits of high scores include eligibility to apply to Confucius Institute Chinese language summer camp scholarships, semester – long study abroad programs at Chinese universities or even graduate studies.

Please visit the section on the specific test that you plan to take for more detailed information.

HSK – Chinese Language Proficiency Test

The HSK (Hanyu Shuiping Kaoshi) is a standardized international Chinese language proficiency test for non–native Chinese speakers. The HSK consists of two independent parts: a written test and an oral test. The written test comprises of six levels from HSK–Level 1 to HSK–Level 6. The oral test is divided into three levels: HSKK (Basic), HSKK (Intermediate), and HSKK (Advanced). The National Commission of Chinese Proficiency Test, which the Ministry of Education of China oversees, issues all HSK certificates.

YCT-Youth Chinese Test

The Youth Chinese Test (YCT) is a standardized international Chinese proficiency test that examines non–native primary and secondary school students’ capability to apply Chinese language in their studies and personal lives. It is a Hanban–led effort to encourage children and young adults to study Mandarin and improve their Chinese language skills against a set of benchmarks that measure proficiency. The test has four levels and each has a listening section, a writing section and a set, minimum number of characters that a student must know for him or her to pass the test. Level 1 of the test requires knowledge of 80+ characters; Level 2, 150+ characters; Level 3, 300+ characters and Level 4, 600+ characters. The tests are 30 minutes, 45 minutes, 55 minutes and 80 minutes respectively and each increases the range of settings that the student must be familiar with and be able to communicate in effectively: in daily life or China.

2017 Test Schedule

YCT Test

Registration Deadline*

HSK Test

Registration Deadline*

May 13

April 14

March 19

February 17

November 18

October 20

December 3

November 3

*Completed registrations and payments must be received by the deadline.

Testing Fees

YCT Test

HSK Test


Level 1: $10
Level 2: $15
Level 3: $20
Level 4: $25

Level 1: $20
Level 2: $30
Level 3: $40
Level 4: $50
Level 5: $60

Primary: $20
Intermediate: $30
Advanced: $40


Registration and Payment

To register for the YCT or HSK, please follow these steps:

  1. Visit and complete the online HSK/YCT Registration and Payment Form. (Online payments or Money Order can be accepted. Please make your Money Order payable to: Confucius Institute at Miami Dade College. Cash payments not accepted)
  2. With the completed Registration Form, attach a digital portrait photo and a valid ID (specified below) and email them to Prof Xinglin Liu at
    • Digital photo: Size (2" x 2") or smaller. Preferred size is 1.6" x 1.2".
    • Valid photo ID: A photocopy of a current government issued ID (passport/driver´s license) or school ID. The same photo ID must be brought to the testing location on testing date.


After your completed registration and payment are received, you will be notified by email. You will receive an official Test Admission Ticket by mail or through your Chinese language teacher. You must bring your valid photo ID and the Test Admission Ticket on the testing date.

Unless otherwise notified, all 2017 tests are administered by the MDC Confucius Institute staff at the physical address below. For schools that have a sizeable number of students taking the tests, we can make special arrangement to administer the tests onsite with the CI staff and school teachers as administrators. In this case, the school must provide testing space and necessary equipment. However, all students applying for the tests must complete the registration and make online payments as specified above.

Physical Address:
Confucius Institute at Miami Dade College
300 NE 2nd Avenue, Room 1201
Miami, FL 33132-2297

Mailing Address:
Prof Xinglin Liu
Chinese Director
Confucius Institute at Miami Dade College
300 NE 2nd Avenue, Room 1201
Miami, FL, 33132-2297

If you have any questions, please contact Prof Xinglin Liu at

For more information about HSK and YCT, visit