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Specialty Courses

These courses are not offered through the Confucius Institute and are taught by MDC faculty at Wolfson Campus’s Miami Culinary Institute. Enrollment to these offerings is through the Culinarium-Enthusiast Learning Series at the School of Continuing Education and Professional Development.

For the latest cooking classes featuring China or Asian cuisine, please visit Miami Culinary Institute’s website

You may also contact the Miami Culinary Institute with questions at 305–237–3276

Cuisines of Asia

Offered by the Miami Culinary Institute at MDC

In this area of the world, the cuisine is all about the art of balancing sweet, sour, salty, bitter and umami. Students in this course will prepare, taste, serve and evaluate traditional dishes of this region. This three–part excursion will begin in China and migrate to Korea and Thailand

Course fee: $225.00 Hours: 6