Miami Dade College

Confucius Institute

Custom–designed workshops and training sessions

Although not yet established, the CI foresees a future collaboration with the School of Continuing Education’s Center for Corporate Training. Such a partnership would expand the ways that your organization can benefit from the excellent resources the center offers such as

  • On-site assessment by experts
  • Consultation with staff
  • Customized seminars, workshops and classes that can be taught at your site, at times convenient for you and your employees
  • Computer and language drills
  • Media presentations
  • Case studies
  • Role playing
  • Business simulation exercises
  • Credit and non-credit classes
  • Small group or individual formats for courses
  • Private tutoring packages

Because the CI’s expressed mission is to strengthen the connection between China and the world at large, a partnership with the Center for Corporate Training would connect the existing course content to China, the Chinese language and culture or their business applications.

Should the partnership form, some of the Center’s offerings that may be adjusted to reflect a Chinese–culture theme include:

  • Foreign language courses–i.e. Chinese Mandarin – to broaden employee communication skills (which include private tutoring packages starting at 10 hours).
  • Customer Service Training (CST) to develop superior employee customer service
  • Team-building seminars and workshops to increase employee customer performance.
  • Human relations consultants who offer information on the assessment, selection and hiring of new employees.
  • Pre-qualification for Quick Response Team (QRT) grants with Workforce Florida for businesses providing exportable goods and services and training of new full-time employees.
  • Business simulation exercises
  • Performance enhancement courses on effective leadership & supervisory skills, building high-performance teams, interpersonal behaviors and assertion skills and taking disciplinary action and conducting performance evaluations.
  • Diversity courses such as those dealing with discrimination and diversity in the workplace.
  • Technology courses centered on computer applications and computer graphics.
  • Wellness courses featuring stress management and relaxation skills, wellness programs for executives, and counseling employees.
  • Courses on effective writing skills.

If you’d like to discuss the status of our future partnership with The Center for Corporate Training or inquire about a particular course that you’d like to see us offer, please contact our director Dr Jim Yu. He may be reached via e–mail or through phone at 305-237-7581.