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Confucius Institute Resource Center

The Confucius Institute at Miami Dade College has a large collection of teaching materials for the use of K–12 educators, business executives, families and students. The Institute holds the most up–to–date textbooks developed by experts and educators in both China and the United States and these holdings will provide visitors a wide selection of book choices for their course adoption consideration. The textbooks are designed to meet the needs of diverse learners, ranging from self–study courses, fun and survival lessons to systematic K–12 curricula. There are lots to see and choose from. We also have an array of multimedia teaching aids and cultural materials to help make your classroom fun and colorful!

Teachers,families and students can find informational videos on many areas of Chinese culture, such as tea culture, variations of local operas, traditional holidays and customs, architecture, Chinese music instruments and traditional arts and crafts. Business executives can find valuable reference materials such as the China Business Handbook, Chinese Business Society publications, travel guides customized for business purposes, business Chinese language programs and a host of multimedia materials to supply their traveling, commercial and research needs.

We also have samples of the multimedia teaching aids such as digital games as well as information on developers and distributors of quality Chinese instructional materials. Everyone is welcome to come read, ask for cultural on–site demonstrations, browse our collections and count on us for support! We are eager to help you explore China.

We are located at 300 NE 2nd Av, Room 1201, Miami, FL 33132 (right across from MDC´s Media Center)and you may call us at 305–237–7754 for operating hours.