Miami Dade College

Confucius Institute

Confucius Institute Assistance to Set-Up Chinese Language Programs

The Confucius Institute at Miami Dade College, in collaboration with Hanban / Confucius Institutes Headquarters, spur the development of K-12 Chinese language and culture education in the U.S. through resources and guidance to participating institutions. This initiative offers a flexible model that can accommodate:

  • Independent schools establishing individual, school-based Chinese language and culture programs.

By hosting a Chinese language program through CI, independent schools will receive support to build quality Chinese language programs. Key benefits to participating institutions include:

  • Book donations and teaching materials and resources
  • Participation in other Hanban programs
  • Assistance in locating and developing partnerships with schools in China
  • Guidance by CI and Hanban staff and experts in the field
  • Chinese culture and teaching materials
  • Continuing assistance in curriculum planning, teacher training workshops and the development of supplemental study materials.
  • Help underserved children gain access to Chinese language learning and in so doing honor our founding figure’s philosophy that “Everyone is entitled to be educated without discrimination.” (Confucius, The Analects)

This program is an effective way for schools and districts to start or enhance their Chinese language and culture programs and help underserved communities gain access to Chinese language learning.

To learn more about how the CI can help you set-up a Chinese Language Program at your school, please contact our director, Dr Jim Yu, for detailed procedures.

For the possibility of setting up a Chinese Language program that includes AP® Chinese–college credit granting, advanced courses – in its course offerings, please visit the College Board’s website.