Miami Dade College

Confucius Institute

The College Board´s Chinese Guest Teacher and Trainee Program

Made possible through a collaboration between the College Board and Hanban/Confucius Institute Headquarters (Hanban), the Chinese Guest Teacher and Trainee Program is designed to help U.S. schools develop Chinese language and culture study programs and to promote international exchange between the United States and China.

This program provides an experienced language teacher from China to fill full-time Chinese language instruction positions in a host school or district for a period of one to three years. The guest teachers have at least three years of teaching experience, and have gone through a rigorous selection and training process before arriving at the host schools. Participating institutions are responsible for providing a partial salary to the guest teacher, which is subsidized by a stipend from Hanban.

Key benefits of hosting a guest teacher for schools and students include:

  • Host schools can start or expand a Chinese language and culture program at a reasonable cost.
  • Students learn authentic Chinese language and interact with a native Chinese instructor.
  • Native speakers and authentic cultural resources at your school and community.
  • Enrich cultural activities in classrooms with a teacher trainee
  • Schools can lay a foundation for offering AP® Chinese classes in the future.
  • Chinese guest teachers can assist in curriculum development, program expansion, and partnership creation.

The Confucius Institute at Miami Dade College does not oversee this program but lists it on its website in an effort to connect educators with enrichment resources that are also sponsored through Hanban. The College Board runs this program and you can find information about the application process here.

Professional Development Opportunities for K-12 Educators, Policymakers and School Leaders: National Chinese Language Conference

The National Chinese Language Conference (NCLC) is dedicated to encouraging dialogue in the field of Chinese language education and ensuring wide-scale success. NCLC is the largest annual gathering of practitioners, policymakers, and school leaders with an interest in Chinese language teaching and learning in North America, and a key venue for bringing together U.S. and Chinese educators in the field.

All K-12 educators who participate at NCLC:

  • Choose from among 70+ sessions and workshops
  • Hear from expert-led sessions from visionary speakers and thought leaders in the field
  • Share best practices with each other
  • Sign up for school visits to see local K–12 Chinese programs in action
  • Enjoy performances highlighting Chinese culture

This conference is open to all K-12 educators of Chinese language and they do not need to be affiliated with the Confucius Institute to be able to attend. You may register directly at the site of the conference.