Miami Dade College

Confucius Institute

Chinese Language Courses for High School Students through the Dual Enrollment Program

Since both high schools and degree granting programs have a foreign language requirement, the Confucius Institute at Miami Dade College enables high school students to fulfill this requirement with Chinese Language courses that they may enroll in–free of charge–through the Dual Enrollment Program. A program that enables high school students to earn both high school and college credit for coursework completed at Miami Dade College.

Given that Chinese is not commonly offered as a foreign language option at Miami Dade County public, private, home or Charter Schools, students who take Chinese to fulfill their foreign language requirement set themselves apart, enrich their lives with a unique cultural opportunity, and position themselves competitively for future job and higher education opportunities.

Any students in the 10th, 11th, or 12th grade that are enrolled in Miami Dade County public, private, home or Charter Schools are eligible to participate as long as they meet the admission criteria for the Dual Enrollment Program.
Excellent benefits await all students who enroll in this program, such as:

  • A shortening of the time that it will take them to complete a college degree
  • Financial savings, since dual enrollment students are exempt from paying application, registration, tuition, laboratory, and special fees if the class(es) taken are being used toward high school graduation.
  • The earning of college credit that is transferable to a college or university
  • The earning of credits that will appear on students’ high school and college transcripts permanently and position them well for future job and higher education opportunities.

To access the application to this exciting program, please visit this site.

For a full list of application requirements, please visit this site

And for all additional questions about the program, please contact the dual enrollment coordinator of the campus you’d like to enroll in.