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The Confucius Institute at Miami Dade College makes the effort to keep an up-to–date record of any news releases and articles that highlight the community impact of our programming offerings as well as the accomplishments of our students and faculty throughout the years. We keep a record of these print media in English and Chinese and offer additional information on any of these features upon request. If you are a media representative or simply wish to learn more about any particular event or announcement, please let us know and we will be happy to assist you! You may contact our Media Specialist, Kai Hill via e–mail or phone: 305–237–3359 or anyone else on our media relations team, including our director Dr. Jim Yu for questions. English translations of our Chinese news releases are also available upon request. Let us know how to help you and we will.

Juan Mendieta, 305-237-7611,, MDC communications director
TereEstorino, 305-237-3949,, MDC media relations director
Kai Hill, 305-237-3359,, media specialist
Sue Arrowsmith, 305-237-3710,, media specialist
Roxana Romero, 305-237-3366,, media specialist
Alejandro Rios, 305-237-7482,

News Release on Confucius Institute at MDC (English)


News Reports on Confucius Institute at MDC (English)



News Releases - 2012

MDC News & Events:Miami Dade College Presents the 2012 Harvest Moon Festival.

Date Released: September 18, 2012

MDC News & Events: MDC Tower Theater Presents Zhang Yimou’s The Flowers of War.
Date Released: April 3, 2012

MDC News & Events: The Confucius Institute at Miami Dade College to Host Zhong Zhao at Three Campuses March 5-9.
Date Released: March 05, 2012

MDC News & Events: MDC’s Confucius Institute to Celebrate Chinese New Year with Nanjing University Traditional Instruments Orchestra.
Date Released: February 3, 2012


News Releases - 2011

MDC News & Events:MDC Students Earn Prestigious Confucius Institute Scholarships to Study in China.
Date Released: September 06, 2011


Date Released: August 12, 2011

MDC News & Events: MDC North Campus to Host Panel on China – Latin America Connection.

Date Released: June 29, 2011

MDC News & Events:Hop to Miami Dade College’s Kendall, North or Wolfson Campus to kickoff the Year of the Rabbit.
Date Released: January 27, 2011


News Reports - 2013

College Forum:A Silver Screen Journey to China: Symposium Explores Beauty, Depth of Chinese Cinema.” (Volume 17, Number 2)

Date Published: June 2013

The Reporter: “Touring Twirl: The Nanchang University Performing Troupe participated in Miami Dade College’s Confucius Institute Performance Tour on April 11 at Kendall Campus.” (Volume 3, Number 14; Gallery Slide 4)

Date Published: April 23, 2013

The Reporter: Chinese Summer Camp Program Sponsored By Confucius Institute.” (Volume 3, Number 13)

Date Published: April 8, 2013

The Reporter: Last Dance: Members of the Confucius Institute of Miami Dade College dance during the showcase of Chinese Ethnic Minorities.” ¬†(Volume 3, Number 11; Gallery Slides 1-2)

Date Published: March 5, 2013

The Reporter: MIFF Celebrates 30 Years of Film.” (Volume 3, Number 10)

Date Published: February 19, 2013

Miami Herald: “Year of the Snake” (e-mailed news clipping)
Date Published: February 18, 2013


News Reports – 2012

College Forum: Sharing Educational Expertise.” (Volume 16, Number 5)

DatePublished: November 2012

College Forum:Sharing Insights Around the Globe.” (Volume 16, Number 4)

Date Published: September 2012

College Forum:Personal Insights on Global Pollution Problems.” (Volume 16, Number 3)

Date Published:June 2012

Miami Today:Chinese Delegation Picks Miami Dade College Brains.

Date Published: May 24, 2012

College Forum:Confucius Institute Marks Chinese New Year.” (Volume 16, Number 2)

DatePublished: April 2012

Hanban News: Confucius Institute at Miami Dade College Hosts Lectures for Chinese Cultural Expert Forum.

DatePublished: March 6, 2012

International News–Community Colleges for International Development: MDC’s China Pavilion Links the Great Wall and Miami.” (pg. 15)

Date Published: Winter 2012


News Reports - 2011

Miami Book Fair International:International Symposium on Chinese Language, Culture and Communication.

Date Published: November 18, 2011

College Forum: Five MDC Students Win Scholarships to China.” (Volume 15, Number 5)

DatePublished: November 2011

Florida Center for Literary Arts at Miami Dade College:The focus is on China at the Miami Book Fair International.

Date Published: November 7, 2011

College Forum: Delights Abound at Book Fair.” (Volume 15, Number 5)

Date Published: November 2011

The Reporter: “Performance: Dozens of student celebrated the Harvest Moon Festival on Wed. Sept. 21, hosted by the Confucius Institute at Wolfson Campus.” (Volume 2, Number 4; Gallery Slide 5)

Dade Published: October 4, 2011

International News: Community Education with a Worldwide Reach. (pgs 8–9)
DatePublished: Winter 2011

College Forum:East Meets West at MDC’s Confucius Institute.” (Volume 15, Number 4)

Date Published:September 2011

The Reporter: “Six Students Awarded To Study Abroad in China.” (Volume 2, Number 3)

Date Published: September 21, 2011

The Miami Herald:China Beckons for five MDC Students.” (Archived article from Miami herald at News Bank)

Date Published: September 13, 2011

Hanban News: Miami May Days Are not Hotter than Enthusiasm for Chinese Culture at the Asian Pacific American Heritage Festival.

Date Published: June 8, 2011

College Forum:Chinese Culture Comes to Life at MDC.” (Volume 15, Number 2)

Date Published:  April 2011

College Forum:MDC Further Builds Ties with China.”(Volume 15, Number 1)

Date Published: February 2011

Hanban News: Confucius Institute at Miami Dade College Hosts the First Lecture of Chinese Cultural Expert Forum.

Date Published: February 28, 2011