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Students at CLACI event

We are pleased to present the annual report (May 2014- April 2015) of the Center for Latin American and Caribbean Initiatives (CLACI) of Miami Dade College.

View the CLACI Overview (pdf)

CLACI’s activities this year included 20 events (many of them with the participation of 15 internationally acknowledged VIPs) that were implemented at four different MDC campuses (Wolfson, Kendall, InterAmerican, and North Campus) with an estimated total direct attendance of well over 3,000. These activities covered different fields: from seminars and workshops on regional economic, social, and political trends, to various sports and cultural activities.

As is pointed out in the closing remarks of this report:

CLACI is an ingenious open concept. Above any other consideration is an engine to put in motion and coordinate initiatives -of its own or from others- that can only succeed with the full support of MDC as a whole. It develops all its activities based on ad hoc task forces that engage different institutions outside MDC as well as several colleges’ departments.

The results summarized above truly represent the accomplishments of many people at various District offices, campuses and schools. For their original ideas and relentless support throughout the year CLACI is sincerely grateful. Our acknowledgement is also extended to all the other institutions that played a key role, cosponsored, or supported these activities in various ways. But most of our recognition and gratitude goes to the President of MDC, Dr. Eduardo Padrón, whose vision gave birth to CLACI, an institution that undoubtedly owes its successes to the extraordinary benefit of enjoying his full hearted ongoing support.

Excellence is a flowing concept. The ideal of perfection is a useful utopia to be endlessly pursuit though never achieved. We will always have challenges to address. In coming months we look forward to find new ways to further facilitate student’s engagement with CLACI’s activities.

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