Conversations with: Clifton Taulbert

0:11 Feb 2014 |  322

Host H. Leigh Toney has a "Conversation With" unlikely, yet successful entrepreneurs in a variety of industries. Clifton Taulbert is the Founder and President of the Building Community Institute-A Human Capital. The presence of his mentors in his life gave rise to his first book and the motion picture that followed, Once Upon A Time When We Were Colored. It also spawned the subsequent 12 books that followed, including the Pulitzer-nominated The Last Train North, as well as the award-winning Eight Habits of the Heart, which garnered him an invitation from former Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O'Connor to speak to her peers at the Library of Congress. Eight Habits has been embraced internationally. He is also the President and CEO of African Bean Company, the home of ROOTS JAVA--an African-American owned national coffee brand imported from the country of Rwanda.