The BSN students spent a week at Narrow Ridge Earth Literacy Center in Tennessee over spring break. The participated in an immersion course Ethics in Health Care and the Environment. Dr. Carol Petrozella developed the course and taught the students along with the faculty at Narrow Ridge.  The expenses were supported by the Earth Ethics Institute.  Along with the nurses was Melissa Emmanuel, an Honor's Student at Wolfson Campus. An honors syllabus was developed for her and she was mentored by all the RN students. Melissa is pursuing an AA in pre-nursing.

The power points links were part of the assignment for the course. The students presented to their classmates on their return.

Currently this course is being taught again as a blended course.
I want to thank Alex Zaldivar for his hard work. The students will be attending a local immersion at the Everglades this semester as part of the course work.

Again, I would also like to thank the Earth Ethics Institute for sponsoring this event and providing the funding.



Animated PowerPoint 1 - Narrow Ridge Nursing

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Animated PowerPoint 1 -Earth Literacy Experience