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(May 2001)
by Mark Neunder, PhD.

Abstract of a dissertation at the University of Miami. Dissertation supervised by Professor Alan Goldman. Number of pages in text. (208)

    Throughout this work I judge the ethics of genetic cases in light of our considered moral judgments in analogous non-genetic cases.  In Chapter One, I offer refutations of common objections raised against therapeutic genetic engineering.  In Chapter Two, I argue that therapeutic engineering is morally permissible.  In Chapter Three, I argue that therapeutic engineering can also be morally obligatory.  In Chapter Four, I turn to the common objections made against enhancement genetic engineering, and offer refutations of them.  In Chapter Five, I argue that enhancement engineering is morally permissible.  In Chapter Six, I argue that genetic enhancement can also be morally obligatory.  In Chapter Seven, I focus on the ethics surrounding the controversial genetic alteration of such traits as disability, race, sex, and sexual orientation.  I argue that it is wrong to select for disability, but that it is permissible to select for race, sex, and sexual orientation.
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