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The videos can be found on iTunes U. Videos are best viewed with DSL or a cable modem connection.

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Basic Nursing Skills

Art of Bedside Care

Instructions to access BSN videos:

Step 1: Log in to iTunes U

Step 2: Enter your MDC Username and Password

Step 3: Click on School of Nursing link (Located on left hand side of browser)

Step 4:Click on School of Nursing - BSN link (locates in the middle section of the browser)

imageCultural Competence

  • Cultural Diversity and Healthcare (109.1)
  • Becoming Culturally Competent (109.2)
  • Assessment Challenges in a Multicuiltural Environment (109.3)

imageEthical Issues

  • Introduction: Concepts, Values, and Decision Making(111.1)
  • Respect: Dignity, Autonomy, and Relationships (111.2)
  • Commitment: Patients, Professionalism, and Boundaries (111.3)
  • Protection: Privacy, Safety, and Standards (111.4)

Bates Visual Guide to Physical Examination - requires mdc login

imageHead-to-Toe Assessment of Adult imageMusculoskeletal System
imageHead-to-Toe Assessment of Infant imageNervous System: Sensory and Reflexes
imageHead-to-Toe Assessment of Child imageNervous System: Cranial Nervous and Motor System
imageAbdomen imageNose, Mouth, and Neck
imageBreasts Axillae imageThorax and Lungs
imageMale Genitalia, Hernias, Rectum, and Prostate imageGeneral Survey and Vital Signs
imageCardiovascular: Neck Vessels and Heart imageExamination of the Skin
imageCardiovascular: Peripheral Vascular System imageApproach to Patient
imageFemale Gentialia, Anus, Rectum imageHead-to-Toe Assessment of the Older Adult
imageHead, Eyes, and Ears  

The video series below can be viewed anytime, anywhere.

imageNurse Theorists: Excellence in Action

imageNurse Theorists: Portraits of Excellence

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