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Welcome to the MEED Program.
(Model for Enhanced Employment Development)

Welcome to Miami Dade College Wolfson Campus


MEED Program administrative office is conveniently located in Downtown Miami.

Our Address is:
300 N.E. 2nd Avenue, Room 1180
Miami, FL 33132

We welcome visitors to our fully accessible facilities. We are open Monday through Friday, 8:30 A.M. to 4:30 P.M.

American Sign Language Interpreting services available upon requestion

MEED Provides Accommodations for Students with Disabilities

The MEED Program works with each students to ensure that they are receiving accommodations that have an opportunity to learn new adaptive or assistive technologies that enhance educational and professional growth.

American Sign Language Interpreters are available for students who are deaf or hard-of-hearing. Screen readers and text-to-speech software and many other accessibility tools are available for students with diverse disability needs.

MEED Studio offers job training

The MEED Digital Tech Studio (MDTS)

The iMac is only one of many sophisticated devices and other technologies that are available in the MEED Digital Tech Studio. The Studio provides training and internships for students who learn how to use iMacs, iPads, iPods, and other devices that have built-in universal access features. The Studio produces videos, slide presentations, brochures, flyers, and posters through use of the latest programs in digital technology. These advanced tools better prepare our students for challenging employment opportunities.

Student interns learning and working on Mac computers

MEED Provides Internships

The MEED Program offers internships for students to gain valuable work experience that builds upon the academic training received through Certificate or Degree programs.

The MEED Program is a college-wide program in employment assistance for MDC students with disabilities. Service includes resume development and guiding students through the employment process. For students who have already completed an Introduction to Computers course, MEED features an Academy that provides training in digital technology, an internship experience, and a professional development program.


The mission of the MEED Program is to provide a fully accessible and comprehensive program of education and training, career preparation, internship and job placement assistance that results in a career in advanced and technical fields in both private and public community entities. At the same time, MEED promotes awareness and provides informational resources that improve employability for all individuals with disabilities.

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