Miami Dade College

North Campus

About the MEEC

The Carrie P. Meek Entrepreneurial Education Center is a major outreach center of Miami-Dade College North Campus, founded in 1989. The MEEC offers a specialized focus on entrepreneurship, and economic and community development.

The MEEC offers a vast array of college credit and non-credit courses for both degree- and non-degree-seeking students. Additionally, there are opportunities to pursue certificate and vocational programs as well as opportunities take part in a variety of seminars, conferences and workshops. Students at the MEEC can obtain workforce and business skills training to enter the labor market or become successful entrepreneurs.

Message from the Executive Director

H. Leigh Toney

H. Leigh Toney
Executive Director


I welcome you to the Carrie P. Meek Entrepreneurial Education Center, an outreach center of the Miami Dade College, North Campus. Serving more than 2,500 annually, the Meek Center offers an array of credit and non-credit courses that are sure to help you in attaining your personal and career goals. The Center also specializes in customized training for current and aspiring entrepreneurs of all ages.

Our small, intimate setting affords you the opportunity to interact with faculty and staff persons whose talent and resources will prove invaluable to you as you progress through your chosen course of study. Moreover, the Center's offerings include four computer labs, multimedia classrooms with customized teacher workstations and projection systems, a full-service library, a dedicated math tutorial center, and an academic resource lab with peer tutors to help you perform at your highest levels.

I welcome you to the Carrie P. Meek Entrepreneurial Education Center, also known as the "EEC," and invite you to take full advantage of the myriad opportunities available to you and feel free to let me know how I and my staff can make your educational experience as rewarding as possible!