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Technical Specifications
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  • Created within a Web browser environment allowing for the most well known and user-friendly graphic interface available today.
  • Runs as a secure application on either Microsoft Internet Explorer or the Netscape browser, and requires no more than a standard Internet connection.
  • Displays all test stimuli, questions, graphics, animations, audio, and video within an accurate timeline to the test taker. No extra multimedia equipment is needed.
  • Provides multiple levels of security, including dedicated hardware and software encryption.
  • Technical Requirements
    • The Internet version of the F-BAT Web server supports multiple connectivity infrastructures; however, a minimum of 28.8k of bandwidth per system is required, which includes a simple dial-up connection. An open connection such as a frame, T1, DSL or cable modem is recommended for the Test Centerís convenience.
    • -The Internet version of the Florida Basic Abilities Test requires a PC or Macintosh computer using Microsoft Internet Explorer or Netscape, and multimedia capabilities (sound card, speakers/headphones, video board with 64K colors, and color monitor) is required.
  • Methodology for Delivery of the Internet version of the Florida Basic Abilities Test
    • Test takerís identity is authenticated by the Test Center
    • Proctor requests test(s) from Florida Basic Abilities Test Web Server from minutes to weeks before test or tests are to be administered.
    • Test taker is authenticated by self-request with Florida Basic Abilities Test Web Server at the time the test is to be taken.
    • Test is sent as an encrypted Java applet through an industry-standard 128 bit encryption level Secure Socket Layer (SSL) connection to test-takerís computer.
    • Test instantiates itself on the test takerís computer, begins test process and timed procedures.
    • Test is displayed with preset times for multimedia stimuli and questions. Times are based on ďreal timeĒ and are not based on system performance.
  • Uploading of Results for the Internet version of the Florida Basic Abilities Test
    • Test taker finishes test, or test time ends.
    • Test takerís PC requests a SSL connection with Florida Basic Abilities Test Web server at M-DCC
    • Handshaking takes place (test is authenticated) and uploaded
    • Data from test is placed in isolated, secure SQL Server
  • Scoring of Results for the Internet version of the Florida Basic Abilities Test
    • Test data is scored in a Cold Fusion application
    • Test data is saved in permanent storage in an SQL database
  • Reporting of Results for the Internet version of the Florida Basic Abilities Test
    • If the facility chooses to do so, scores are made available to the user via a Web browser with SSL connection.
    • Optionally, scores be made available to the test center facility.
    • In order to maintain the highest level of testing accuracy and integrity over time, aggregate test scores results will be evaluated question by question, with full test taker anonymity.
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