Our Classroom Support staff is ready to serve you in three ways:

     1. Training on how to make the most of our multimedia ready classrooms...
     2. Assist in keeping all of the classrooms in working order...
     3. Deliver audio visual equipment to classrooms.


PC Cart

This is composed of a computer, monitor, a high resolution data projector, mouse and speaker system.

Response Card Clicker

ResponseCard is a Student Response technological tool to help the pedagogical practice to enhance student learning.
Document Camera Cart

Specializes in projecting documents through camera attached to the projector. Equipped with VHS and DVD players along with powerful speaker system for viewing video.

Flip Chart

Jot down your thoughts, ideas and sketches on this.

Display your presentations with this.
* Custody items can be picked up and signed for in room 8101 from 8:00 am to 4:30 pm.