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External Assessment DEMOGRAPHICS

Driving Forces Implications for Miami Dade
The College age population of 18-34 year olds in Dade County continues to decline, and it is unclear when the next college-age "boom" will occur. Data on age groups must be validated and examined for enrollment implications. We must be ready for the next bulge from the high schools and its operational impact on resources.
Proportional enrollment among the three education sectors may change dramatically, e.g. growth in K-12. This may affect funds available for community colleges.
Draw from local high schools has been declining. Enrollment will continue to drop unless this trend is reversed. Further analysis is needed to identify opportunities for increasing enrollment.
Enrollment of foreign students has declined with increased fees. Need to consider ways to recruit these students in spite of high fees.
The distribution of population within Dade County has changed dramatically since Hurricane Andrew. The college needs to review facilities usage and needs, in light of revised population projections.
Immigration from other countries is increasing. This will continue to place demands on Miami Dade Resources, especially second language classes.
The college has little or no "futures" type data on our service area. Demographic or other major shifts could catch us by surprize.
Broad based demographic forces are affecting Miami Dade. A long-range forecast/plan based on accurate data should be developed.

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