Strategic Plan

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External Assessment ECONOMIC
Driving Forces Implications for Miami Dade
The competition for public funds is increasing, which may lead to less funding for higher education. The state legislature has enacted many measures to restrict student credits, which will effect our FTE. The full cumulative impact may occur several years from now.
Financial aid populations may face more severe limitations in the future. This could impact immigrants, college prep students, second language students, and students with high credits (150% rule).
The tax cap may cause a flattening or decrease in available public funds. Potential effects should be gamed out with respect to future funding.
Reliance on State revenue continues to put future MDC funding at risk. Need plan to seek alternative funding, e.g., to increase the economic base of MDC through a special tax.
Some costs of doing business continue to rise faster than the rate of inflation (insurance, legal, goods, contractual services, etc.). The college needs to look for ways to improve efficiency.

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