Strategic Plan

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External Assessment POLITICAL

Driving Forces Implications for Miami Dade
Federal programs and funds are shifting to state control. Strategies previously successful in dealing with the federal bureaucracy must shift to reflect a state perspective.
Welfare Reform legislation has been signed. Moving people from welfare to work through training will need to be a focus of Miami Dade occupational education. We should be actively working with JEP to provide jobs.
There is a federal initiative to encourage attaining a two-year college degree. MDC should develop mechanisms to clarify our needs before state and federal agencies define these for us.
There is a trend toward institutional accountability and tying funding to outcomes as evidenced by: Performance Based Incentive Funding, Workforce Development, and Performance Based Budgeting. Money will increasingly flow to Miami Dade through funding based on narrowly defined outcomes. Strategic goals are necessary to keep abreast of this. Outcomes funding implies more emphasis on retention, completion, and placement. Policies need to be reviewed in light of this change of emphasis.
There is a continual assault on the open door. This trend will probably always be with us. Declining revenues could exacerbate the situation. Develop alternative mechanisms for these students. Need to be proactive in political arena on college issues.
State policy makers are becoming more involved in curriculum and educational practices (including distance learning). This is a threat to local autonomy and our ability to meet student needs. Need to stay informed and develop a mechanism for employee involvement in political issues.

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