Strategic Plan

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Goal I Objectives
Goal I Measures

Evaluation :
Strategic Goal I

Strategic Goal I- To provide accessible and affordable education

Ratings indicate: a completed objective or improvement on a measure ( ); progress ( ); or no progress on an objective or decreases in a measure ( ) .

Objectives Responsibility Status Rating
1. Create a "seamless" system for all MDC students to include curriculum and student services (from initial contact to exit, with multiple entry and exit points, including electronically at a distance) (ER/CTC).

Education Review task forces; College Technology Committee

Completed.  See final reports of respective committees.
2. Work to provide continuing access for underprepared and second-language students. (ES).

College President; Legislative Liaison; Executive Committee;

 Curriculum restructured to provide additional Adult Basic, Voc Prep, and VESOL opportunities
3. Increase the participation and identification of disabled students (CI).

Disabled Student Services; 
Institutional Research

Numbers improving in spite of enrollment decline. (Measure 5)
4. Develop the plan and mechanisms to provide time and place independent instruction (distance learning) (CTC).

College Technology Committee; Director of Distance Education

See Technology Master Plan and Virtual College web Page.  Structure completed.  Course offerings are increasing (Measure 2)
5. Increase the number of weekend course offerings and the course enrollments (CI).

Campus Presidents

Completed. (Measures 3 & 4)
6. Develop a process for informing the public, and potential students of college/program requirements and state mandates (ER).

Executive Committee;
Student Deans;
Director of Marketing

In progress- see MDC web page for Student Information Services
7. Develop and implement a relevant marketing (recruitment) strategy (RE).

Executive Committee;
Director of Marketing
Student Deans

In progress- Major marketing campaign launched.   Recruitment plan has been drafted.  In 2000-2005 Plan Goal 4A.
8. Increase the draw from local high schools (ES).

Campus Presidents and recruiters

Draw has decreased for past 3 years (Measure 1).  Referred to CASSC Recruitment and Advisement Committee.

9. Increase the draw from the top 20% of the high school graduating class.

Campus Presidents and recruiters

Draw has recovered after a drop in 1996 (Measure 1a).  Honors College in 2000-2005 Goal 4D.
10. Review all operational aspects of student financial aid (ES).

Executive Committee;
Student Deans:
Financial Aid Officers

Not completed, but the percent of students receiving aid has increased steadily (Measure 6)
11. Review student fees, including course fees, to ensure that charges are reasonable (CI).

Academic Deans

Study begun.
12. Obtain futures forecasts for County, State, and National, and integrate these into planning (ES). Executive Committee Workforce initiatives have led to changed program emphasis. See  State of the College Report, p.13-14
13. Assess student satisfaction with access to programs and courses; make changes as appropriate based on results (LI). Institutional Research; Executive Committee Flexibility of course offerings was the highest rated item on student survey (Measure 4a) No student comments on lack of program access.
14. Examine internal and external barriers to accessibility, e.g. financial, lack of day care, transportation, disability, etc. Institutional Research; Executive Committee Fall 98 Student Survey (Research Report 99-09R)

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