Strategic Plan

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Goal II Evaluation Plan
Goal II Measures

Objectives Linked to Strategic Goal II

Strategic Goal II - To provide high quality education that produces satisfied, well-prepared students

CTC = Collegewide Technology Committee ES=Environmental Scan RE=Reengineering Project
CI = Current Initiative ER = Education Review Project LI= Logical Inference
1. Identify and implement the support services and curriculum appropriate for Miami Dade to offer (ER).
2. Determine the knowledge, attitudes and skills required of all students, and apply this to courses and programs to determine exit and entry level competencies needed (ER).
3. Review all instructional programs from entry to exit to ensure that students can articulate from one program to another (ER).
4. Review all student services, student life activities and student flow processes and delivery college-wide for all students (ER).
5. Describe how student services, student life activities and student flow processes must be restructured in order for services to be delivered in an efficient and effective way (ER).
6. Successfully move students through preparatory and second language courses (ES).
7. Develop a process for informing current students of college/program requirements and state mandates (ER).
8. Increase retention and program completion, especially in targeted PBIF (Workforce) programs (ES).
9. Increase the number of graduates who have 12 or fewer excess credits (ES).
10. Measure student and alumni satisfaction with MDC programs and services (LI).
11. Continually evaluate and revise programs based on student and alumni satisfaction data, community and industry feedback, and faculty input (LI).
12. Increase access to accelerated learning programs (CLEP, Dual Enrollment) (LI).

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