Strategic Plan

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Goal III Objectives
Goal III Measures

Strategic Goal III

Strategic Goal III- To ensure that students acquire the needed knowledge and skills to be successful in academic and career pursuits

Ratings indicate: a completed objective or improvement on a measure ( ); progress ( ); or no progress on an objective or decreases in a measure ( ) .

Objectives Responsibility Status Rating
1. Assist students to identify and match their abilities, skills, goals, interests and responsibilities with personal, community, university and industry needs early in their academic program. (ER).

Education Review task forces

Studies completed and recommendations are in the  final committee reports.  Implementation is in progress.
2. Determine the most effective way to deliver comprehensive assessment, advisement, and career counseling services (ER).

Education Review, Student Flow Task Force.

Completed.  See final report of this task force.
3. Develop a process for improved coordination of vocational programs across campuses (ES/CI).

Executive Committee;
Academic Deans

Completed. Cluster concept developed. Schools (clusters) established.
4. Develop an ongoing process to assess needs and direction of the marketplace and their impact on the college in order to adjust curriculum and support services based on findings (ER).

Executive Committee;
School Directors

Completed. Part of leadership responsibility of school (cluster) directors. Also see State of the College Report, p.13-14
5. Shorten the cycle time for developing new programs (ES).

Executive Committee;
District Education Office

Completed.  Cycle time reduced to 1 year.  See Program development Procedure in District Education Office
6. Provide technology support to meet students’ academic, personal, and professional goals (CTC).

College Technology Committee; 
Chief Information Officer

Ongoing. See Technology Master Plan , Virtual College web Page. 
Student Information Services; and Information Technology web site.  In 2000-2005 Plan Goal 7.
7. Obtain futures forecasts for technology/education and integrate these into planning (ES/ER/CTC).

College Technology Committee; 
Chief Information Officer

Ongoing. See Technology Master Plan , and Information Technology web site.  In 2000-2005 Plan Goal 7.
8. Increase the graduation/completion rate of students, especially in targeted PBIF (Workforce) programs (ES).

Executive Committee;
School Directors

Major program restructuring is completed; Occupational completion points established. (Measures 15, 16)
9. Increase the job placement rates for students in targeted PBIF (Workforce) programs by establishing a systematic job placement program (ES).

Executive Committee;
Student Deans
School Directors

On list of Vision Priorities for 1999-2000 (Measure 18).  In 2000-2005 Plan Goals 2 and 3.
10. Increase licensure passing rates for programs monitored by the state Accountability measures (ES).

Campus Presidents;
School Directors

Specific interventions underway at Medical Campus (Measure 19).
11. Develop a process to monitor student satisfaction with preparation for the upper division, career pursuits, and personal interest (LI). Institutional Research Student survey completed ; Alumni survey for Vocational students completed and comments sent to School Directors. (Measures 20. 21, 22)

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