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Goal VI Objectives

Strategic Goal VI

Strategic Goal VI- To work in partnership with a supportive community.

Ratings indicate: a completed objective or improvement on a measure ( ); progress ( ); or no progress on an objective or decreases in a measure ( ) .

Objectives Responsibility Status Rating
1. Examine and refine the process(es) for collaborative arrangements with community agencies (RE). College President;
Executive Committee;
School Directors
See specific initiatives in the State of the College Report, page 17.  Also part of the responsibility of the new School (Cluster) Directors.  In 2000-2005 Plan Goals 2 and 3.
2. Develop specific college objectives that deal with business and industry partnerships. College President;
Executive Committee
Completed. Objectives related to One Community, One Goal and workforce initiatives permeate college publications. See for example State of the College Report, page 17, 18.  In 2000-2005 Plan Goal C.
3. Examine and refine the process(es) for maintaining effective relationships with feeder schools, other educational entities, alumni, and key non-educational entities (RE). Executive Committee;
Campus Presidents;
MDC Foundation;
District Education Office
Ongoing. See  State of the College Report, page 17,18
4. Examine and refine the process(es) for community use of college facilities (RE) and college use of community facilities (LI). Reengineering Project;  Administrative Deans Consistent college-wide procedures have been developed and approved. 
5. Develop a process to assess the extent of community support and to respond appropriately if support is lacking. College President;
Campus Presidents;
School Directors;
MDC Foundation
Community advisory committees reaffirmed in Vision 2000; MDC  Foundation has contracted to interview influentials for feedback on MDC

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