Strategic Plan

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Goal VII Objectives

Strategic Goal VII

Strategic Goal VII- To ensure that the community recognizes the impact of MDC's programs and training.

Ratings indicate: a completed objective or improvement on a measure ( ); progress ( ); or no progress on an objective or decreases in a measure ( ) .

Objectives Responsibility Status Rating
1. Examine and refine the process(es) for the effective use of media to present MDC accurately to the community (RE). College President;
Executive Committee;
Marketing and Media Relations
Marketing (Public Affairs) was centralized so that comprehensive campaigns could be launched without redundancy. See One College, One Vision, One Team :1999 Report to the Community
2. Change/improve perceptions internally and externally of the importance of MDC, its offerings and facilities to the environment of Dade County (ER). College President;
Campus Presidents;
Marketing and Media Relations
Progress. the College President has issued regular reports to the community; The Education task force of  the One Community One Goal initiative assigned MDC responsibility for strategies in three of the four objectives of the task force.  
3. Develop an ongoing process to obtain community feedback on Miami Dade (RE). College President;
Campus Presidents;
District Education;
School Directors;
MDC Foundation
Reaffirmed in Vision 2000 priorities. Community advisory committees reaffirmed; MDC  Foundation has contracted to interview influentials for feedback on MDC

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