Strategic Plan

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Goal VIII Evaluation Plan

Objectives Linked to Strategic Goal VIII

Strategic Goal VIII- To make effective use of adequate resources in order to allow programs to flourish and the talents of people to emerge.

CTC = Collegewide Technology Committee ES=Environmental Scan RE=Reengineering Project
CI = Current Initiative ER = Education Review Project LI= Logical Inference
1. Examine and refine the process(es) for allocating financial resources sufficiently and equitably (RE/ES).
2. Develop a plan to permit implementation of compensation recommendations (CI).
3. Develop a plan for ongoing review of salaries to ensure a salary schedule which is competitive with similar institutions.
4. Examine and refine the process for allocating personnel equitably and in sufficient numbers (RE).
5. Examine and refine the processes involved in ongoing financial operations (procurement, payroll, collections, record keeping, etc.) (RE).
6. Examine and refine the processes involved in legal affairs (RE).
7. Develop standards for MDC technology that are forward thinking and in line with future national standards (CTC).
8. Examine and refine the process(es) for determining the need for remodeling, renovation, maintenance, new construction (RE/CI).
9. Examine and refine the process(es) for providing needed facilities (plan, design, construction). (LI).
10. Work to eliminate state restrictions on the use of facilities funding (i.e. redeployment of new construction funds to remodeling and renovation) (CI).
11. Assess planning and budgeting processes and adjust practices based on performance (RE).
12. Identify potential alternative funding sources, and develop and implement strategies for acquisition of these funds (CTC/RE/ES).
13. Examine the implications of the tax cap on potential future funding for Miami Dade (ES).
14. Examine the implications of the future mix of the three education sectors on potential funding for Miami Dade (ES).

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