Strategic Plan

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Internal Assessment ECONOMIC
Driving Forces Implications for Miami Dade
The college is committed to improving the process by which resources are channeled to the most pressing needs in successive budgets. Need to develop a more explicit process to determine and prioritize college needs. Need to develop long-term financial planning (3-5, or 5-10 years).
The college has implemented steps to improve the competitiveness of the compensation for professionals and classified/staff. Will need to develop a process for evaluation of continuing competitiveness
The college has committed to a similar process regarding the competitiveness of the compensation of faculty. Will need to conduct a study to determine this.
Facilities continue to deteriorate. Current facilities will need repair or renovation and ongoing preventative maintenance.
There is a shortage of technical support personnel which hinders our ability to use the new technologies. Resources must be directed to alleviate this shortage. Individuals who leave the college must be replaced quickly..

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